PARIS 2119: a deadly, dystopic romance

Created by Neurobellum Productions

Black Mirror meets Blade Runner in this deluxe graphic novel by Zep and Dominique Bertail with exclusive variant cover by Peach Momoko.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

International orders are going out next week, Brexit and Pandemic be damned...
8 days ago – Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 02:01:38 AM

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say that after long deliberation and weighing a lot of (expensive) options, we've made the decision to begin shipping all international orders out directly from our warehouse here in the US. We just can't ask you to wait for the fog to clear in the UK any longer. Most of the orders will be going by DHL, depending on the region. Once our warehouse has tracking information, we will update Backerkit accordingly so that you receive your numbers.

Not to fish for sympathy -- we sincerely feel terrible that those of you abroad have had to wait this long while most other backers have had weeks/months to enjoy their stuff -- but I feel compelled to mention that this decision is not inexpensive for us... By shipping directly from the US, most of those packages are going to cost up to double the postage actually collected. In some cases, the total postage could even run more than the initial pledge! So we will be spending a considerable amount of money out of our already exhausted budget to make things right for you.

(Fortunately, our most recent campaign for BRINDILLE and LOVE: THE MASTIFF did much better than we anticipated, so you can thank those backers for helping to cover the cost of this necessary course-correcting decision.)

If you also backed the ASTER OF PAN campaign, we are still hoping that things in the UK clear up in the next 2-3 weeks so that we can fulfill that campaign on time and as planned. If not, we will consider our other options there as well. We'll post updates on that campaign page accordingly.

For those of you who have seen PARIS 2119 available in bookstores or on Amazon and are upset that you have not yet received your copy, we would point out first and foremost that the campaign was primarily intended to offer the exclusive items and variant cover edition which are not available at retail. So your pledge is still getting you exclusive stuff. The fact that the retail edition has made it to store shelves already has been part of the plan (and we hope clear in the messaging), and is due to the long-lead solicitation time necessary for retail distribution -- we have to list our releases 6-10 months in advance of their actual release date, and pushing titles back after that commitment gets very complicated (and expensive). If we were to wait until all backers have been fulfilled to even begin the solicitation process, the book would not hit shelves for another 6 months. And a small publisher like us cannot afford to sit on sellable books that long.

Hopefully that all makes reasonable sense. We will continue to make our Kickstarter offerings as unique and exclusive as we can, and promise that what we present to you here will only be available as backers and fans. If you find any of these exclusive items at a retail location, it is only because that retailer supported the campaign, too!

Thanks for understanding and following us on this journey. We're learning from each lesson! 

Canadian orders are sent!
13 days ago – Fri, Jan 08, 2021 at 06:12:53 PM

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note, specifically for our Canadian backers -- your packages have been forwarded by our postal partner and you should see them however soon it takes Canada Post or UPS to get them to you!

Tracking numbers have been imported and emailed through Backerkit, so you should have received your individual notification with that information by now (or very soon). If you don't get an email with your tracking #, you can also find it in your Backerkit --

And once again, if you're not sure how to find your Backerkit page, just go to and log in with your Kickstarter email address.

So at this point, the only packages left are for non-North American International, which has grown frustratingly complicated what with Brexit, different VAT requirements, port congestion, and brand new pandemic lock downs both here and abroad. It certainly is not how we foresaw things going, and we are still chasing down any and all alternate options to getting those last 263 packages shipped. Believe me, we want you to have this stuff as soon as possible! (And we want to get a viable pipeline in place so that our ASTER OF PAN campaign can fulfill with fewer disruptions this month!)

As always, we will keep you updated, hopefully very soon.

So long 2020 (and good riddance?) + CANADA and INT'L update + soundtrack videos!
20 days ago – Fri, Jan 01, 2021 at 10:36:49 PM

Hi everyone!

Well... we made it. Most of us, anyway. It has been a rough year worldwide, with a cavalcade of the most unbelievable real-life plot twists anyone could ever imagine, just short of first contact. (Gotta save something for "2020, season 2: 2021", right...?) But we are optimistic for next year, and your immense support (and patience) has put a lot of much-needed wind in our sails. When the economy shut down in March, and our distributor stopped operating for 3 months, we were afraid we might find ourselves among the millions of other folks left wondering how to keep the lights on. Kickstarter was an immediate consideration. And thanks to you, it proved to be a lifeboat during the storm.

PARIS 2119 was our first "official" campaign in this battle plan, and we're thrilled it was as successful as it was. We are disappointed and frustrated that International fulfillment has been hampered by so many factors (pandemic factory delays, slow customs clearance, short-staffed warehousing, Brexit-led VAT application delays, etc, the list goes on...), but we thank you for your patience as we hammer through all of the obstacles caused by things beyond our control. Our goal is to get a reliable process in place as quickly as possible, which will mostly benefit our more recent campaigns (for WAHCOMMO and BRINDILLE), and (unfortunately) PARIS has been the test subject in that research. We will get everything to you one way or another this month, or bend over backwards trying.

As it stands, the bulk of Canadian orders will be received by our fulfillment partner in Ontario next week. While I had hoped they would have been there by now, they were themselves closed for several delivery attempts this past holiday week. I fully anticipate they should be able to turn around all of those Canadian packages (42 in total) within 1-3 days of receiving. Tracking should be provided (that is our understanding), and we will keep you informed as soon as we have concrete information for you.

Rest of the world orders are still waiting on UK VAT assignment. :( And with Brexit starting tomorrow, and ports being closed and congested over the new COVID strain lockdown, who knows what that will mean. So we have already started looking for alternate plans. Some of that research and outreach has been hampered by many people being out of the office this past week, but we expect to start weighing concrete alternatives next week. Everything is ready to go, we just need to find a viable means of getting everything out (at a rate somewhat close to what you paid... we can absorb some additional costs, but hopefully not magnitudes more...)

We will keep you posted, of course. We truly do apologize for these delays and appreciate all of your patience.

In the meantime... we made some soundtrack videos!

Not exactly "music videos" but more like "visualizers" -- some PARIS 2119-ish background imagery to look at while listening to the track. Just something fun we made on some Christmas weekend downtime. :)


Happy Holidays
27 days ago – Fri, Dec 25, 2020 at 08:39:02 PM

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy holiday season. :)

THANK YOU for all of your wonderful and heartfelt support this year. We couldn't have done it without you, and it warms us to know that you folks are out there with as much interest in these wonderful authors and artists as we have.

If you're not on our mailing list, here is a copy of the holiday e-card that we sent out yesterday --

(spot the Smurfs for bonus points...) ;)

Shipping update and the next big thing!
about 1 month ago – Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 11:35:05 PM

Hi everyone!

Lots going on over here, so many projects to attend, but don't worry -- getting PARIS 2119 fulfillment complete is still high on the list!

DOMESTIC Backers -- you should have received your packages by now. If not, check your Backerkit for tracking info (or to complete your surveys). 

CANADIAN Backers -- We are dropshipping all of your packages to our postal forwarder in Ontario this week! And their part is pretty easy so they can probably get them turned around in less than a day or two! So yours should, ideally, get to you by Christmas. :) You can put it under your tree and unbox it like giftwrap (if Christmas is your thing).

EVERYONE ELSE -- ...Christmas doesn't look to be in the cards for you. And we are super-frustrated by that news. Word from is that they won't get back to us with our VAT until before Dec 24th, and we can't ship the goods to our UK distributor without a registered VAT. So it looks like we won't be able to get the items to them until the 1st of the year, and then it'll probably take them a few days to turn them around to you... add your individual transit time and... you will certainly have an awesome January-something! 

We really do feel bad about the unforeseen delays, but on the bright side we have learned how to optimize a LOT for upcoming campaigns. Things like streamlining packaging, dealing with VAT and customs, and the incredible cost of shipping small parcels overseas (sorry, Australia!). Without going into detail, suffice it to say that we paid a LOT more to cover shipping than we budgeted... a pretty pricey lesson learned. But it led to us realizing the ultimate benefit of going with a one-stop, professional, worldwide fulfillment service, which we will be doing on our NEXT CAMPAIGN LAUNCHING ON TUESDAY...!

BRINDILLE and LOVE: THE MASTIFF by Brrémaud and Bertolucci

We are bringing not one but TWO new graphic novels from the award-winning creative team of FRÉDÉRIC BRRÉMAUD and FEDERICO BERTOLUCCI:


A young girl wakes up in the midst of a raging forest fire, with no memory of who she is or how she got there. After being rescued by a nearby village of elf-like creatures, she sets out on a magical journey in search of answers to questions she doesn’t even know how to ask. Along the way, she befriends a talking wolf who takes on the role of guide and guardian on this strange, epic adventure.

Filled with magic, monsters, mystery, and mermaids, this dark fantasy will dazzle readers with its breathtaking beauty and wonder.

A loyal hunting dog finds himself alone in the wild outback of Australia when his master is struck down by a poisonous snake during an expedition. Now he must make his way through the dangers and obstacles of the magnificent wilderness, relying on instincts that no amount of domestication can fully suppress…

The fifth and newest volume in the world-renowned, award-winning LOVE series of wordless wildlife graphic novels, this beautiful, all-ages series explores genuine natural behavior through the dramatic lens of Disney-esque storytelling, like a nature documentary in illustration.

We're also offering EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS BOXED SETS of Brremaud and Bertolucci's celebrated LOVE and LITTLE TAILS series! These will not be distributed through retail and will only be produced in quantity determined by this campaign!

Visit the pre-registration page for a FREE cardstock print of the variant cover by Ben Caldwell!

work in progress -- see the completed piece at launch on Tuesday!