PARIS 2119: a deadly, dystopic romance

Created by Neurobellum Productions

Black Mirror meets Blade Runner in this deluxe graphic novel by Zep and Dominique Bertail with exclusive variant cover by Peach Momoko.

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Checking in
2 days ago – Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 03:13:36 AM

Hey, Everyone,

Hope those of you in the states had a wonderful Thanksgiving this week -- ours was certainly one to remember, that's for sure! :D Fulfillment never stops, not even for holidays! Even though our warehouse is closed for the long holiday, they'll be resuming shipments on Monday. That includes getting the dropshipment of pre-packed Canadian orders sent to Ontario so they can quickly re-forward them to everyone up north. We'll also be getting the domestic orders that included original sketches out this week, too. (And the lucky backer with the original Peach Momoko art will go out as soon as that piece arrives from Japan! On its way, should be here Mon or Tues...)

The rest of the world orders are standing by, collected on a palette and ready to ship to our UK shipping partner just as soon as we get our VAT# from Fingers crossed that comes quickly, as that's the last bit to check off!

If any of you have had any issues with your reward package, please message us through Backerkit or email us at so that we have a proper record to follow up. Please include your Backer# and/or ID so we can look up your info. We're happy to do what we can to resolve any issues!


There are still about 50 of  you who have not filled out your Backerkit surveys.

This means your stuff is sitting here waiting to go out to you. And if you are an international backer, that means your stuff might miss the boat (literally and figuratively). While we really want to get everyone's stuff out so we can keep a clean slate, we REALLY want to be sure that we aren't having to make special -- and expensive -- arrangements to send individual packages overseas.

So PLEASE, if you haven't filled out your Backerkit survey, please do so ASAP!

Those of you who have filled out your surveys, but did so after the original lockdown date on Nov 1st, will need to be manually unlocked and released. We're monitoring Backerkit pretty regularly, and locking those down for fulfillment as we see them trickle in, but since it is not an automatic process, if you fill out your survey late, just know that we'll need to follow-up by hand to complete the lockdown, print postage, activate your digital rewards, etc. So if we get busy with other things, it may not happen until we pop back over here... so your best bet is to fill out your surveys as soon as you can, to save us a bunch of extra work. :)

That's all for now! We're hoping to wrap up some cool music videos from the soundtrack in the next couple weeks! Will let you know if/when those wrap up! :D

Status update and some eye candy
12 days ago – Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 01:29:21 AM

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great week! It seems like most of you domestic US backers have gotten your packages already. If you haven't yet, they're likely a) in transit, or b) were waiting for the original sketches to come in from Dominique. Those arrived earlier in the week and are now at the warehouse, so those remaining packages should go out early next week.

We asked those backers if they'd mind if we shared their sketches, and most said "sure!" So here's a flood of those beauties! (Update continues further below.)

Dominique really went above and beyond on these. And they're big! Larger than the book itself, so the warehouse will be polybagging and finding special packaging to insure their protection in transit.

I also have to share this piece below -- Dom graciously offered to send me a "surprise" in the package for my birthday and asked what character I might like. I picked Lando Calrissian (because anyone who knows me knows my love for Lando), and when the package came in the mail, here's what was on the outer envelope:

I thought that was amazing on its own, but inside he included this as well:

So awesome. Love that guy. (Dom, I mean. And Lando, too. Both are the best kind of scoundrel.)

Okay, that's all fine and good, but what about the rest of us folks outside the US?!?1!

We've been working overtime this week getting the rest of the fulfillment lined up. For Canadian backers, now that we have the remaining sketches, we'll have your packages dropshipped to a postal carrier in Ontario next week, so you should have yours forwarded from them shortly thereafter.

The rest of the world packages will be going through our fulfillment partner in the UK, as mentioned previously. We're only now waiting on our VAT number assignment from so that we can send the bulk for them to start shipping. This is a new process for us, so we don't know what to expect, but they say it could be as soon as a couple days up to a couple of weeks (but we're pushing for the former). The fulfillment partner, Kixto, is very experienced at Kickstarter and crowdfunding fulfillment, so once we get that number they should have the palette of stuff within a week, and boxes should start going out within days of that. We'll keep you all posted, naturally.

On the upside of all this, we're learning a lot for next time, so any of you who followed us on to the ASTER OF PAN campaign or WAHCOMMO will hopefully benefit from a streamlined process.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend and we'll have more to share shortly! Thanks, everyone!

Domestic shipments are on their way!
12 days ago – Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 06:29:43 PM

Hey gang! Happy Tuesday!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that ALL DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS* have been sent! US backers should receive an email with their tracking information shortly (if you haven't received it already). That tracking info is also available on your Backerkit Pledge Manager.

(*okay, almost all shipments -- we JUST received the package of original sketches from Dominique Bertail, so those are being sorted and forwarded to our warehouse today, so those shipments should go out by end of the week. I gotta say, they are all gorgeous... and big! Bigger than my scanner platen! I will share them all soon pending backer approval...)

What about non-domestic shipments?

We are in the process of pre-packaging Canadian boxes now, which will be dropshipped to a postal forwarder in Ontario by the end of the week. There, they will apply postage and tracking info, which we will forward once they are sent.

Same thing with the rest of the world international orders -- we are preparing a skid full of all items for our UK fulfillment provider to assemble and forward accordingly. That skid should go out by end of the week, and should get to the fulfiller next week. They should be able to turn them around quickly.

The only unknown caveat for those international packages:

Apparently there is a matter of VAT-related paperwork that needs to be filled out and registered. This is admittedly new to us, and our UK partner is working on this, but it's not clear how long that might take. Hopefully not long at all. But that process might delay their ability to ship to some degree. Still unknown, but the process has started, so fingers crossed for a smooth setup. These are all lessons for next time...! (Any of you who have followed us to or will find some comfort in what we take away from this project...)

Excited for you all to get your stuff! Hope you are as happy with how it all turned out as we are!

Download link fixed! Please try again!
21 days ago – Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 11:41:17 PM

Hi Everyone!

A quick update to acknowledge and apologize for the broken link to the main PDF file -- a checkbox wasn't properly checked linking the file to the product on the storefront. Sorry! :(

It is fixed now, so please try your purchase again using the same code.

If you have not received or lost your email from Backerkit with the links, you can find all of your digital codes and their respective product links in your Pledge Manager. If you don't remember the link, you can get there by going to and logging in with the email address associated with your Kickstarter account. You should find all of your stuff there.

(You can also message us for your invitation link if that doesn't work.)

Sorry for that hassle, everyone! Seems to be working now (?) but let us know if you run into any more trouble!

Lesson learned... Let's try this again... NEW Digital DL process
21 days ago – Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 11:39:57 PM

Hi Everyone.

Well, ya live and ya learn. And we've definitely learned how NOT to distribute digital downloads moving forward. While the process set up does essentially work, it also introduces all kinds of complications: accidental charged purchases that need to be refunded, a confusing 5-step process requiring emailed download links, a string of settings that are hopefully connected correctly in the first place, etc, etc. Not to mention, the absolute flood of email notifications we receive from our webstore system from each $0 purchase... literally thousands now. We didn't even stop to think about that side-effect. It not only clogs up Outlook like you wouldn't believe, but all of those $0 purchases throws off the accuracy of our webstore analytics data... So yeah -- no bueno.



You may have already received new notifications from Backerkit sent out with this update this morning.

Essentially, three of the four rewards -- the art book, sketchbook, and soundtrack -- are now being distributed directly from Backerkit. You will find direct links to those items in your Pledge manager. So all of those items are now available through 1-click links gathered nicely in one place inside your existing account. :)

The main book PDF is now being offered through Gumroad. You should now find a special link in your Pledge Manager that goes directly to an HD version of the file on Gumroad that you should be able to purchase/download for free. A much simpler 2-click process. (If you still have trouble with that process, please message us.)

Unfortunately, we still need to use some sort of tracked-download/file-stamping platform to distribute the main work in order to adhere to our license commitment. While Gumroad PDFs are DRM-free, they do add your email address to the cover page for accountability. That should be a minimal compromise for readers and authors alike.

NOTE: The old codes/links through our webstore are still active.

So you may still download those items through that original process if you so choose. It will be much more hassle, and will certainly introduce much more confusion, for us to switch those codes off. So the choice is yours as to which method you wish to use.

A few questions from the audience...

  • A retailer has asked if their tiers get the digital rewards. In brief: yes. However, it was our own oversight not to include those in the tier's itemized description, so they weren't processed through Backerkit. If you backed at a retailer tier and would like the digital files, please message us and we will send you those files directly.
  • Several of you who have graciously followed us to our ASTER OF PAN and WAHCOMMO campaigns have asked how we will be doing digital distro on those campaigns. Well, certainly not through our webstore, as this failed experiment lesson proved! :)  If this new method of Backerkit + Gumroad works well, that may be the new method moving forward. But we'll see. If something even better comes around, we'll try that.
  • We've been asked if the PDFs can be provided as .cbr files, too. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, our license requires more secure formatting, and .cbr files are unfortunately way too easy to modify, edit, split apart, and redistribute in so many ways. Since they are essentially just a .rar file full of .jpgs, that format isn't at all secure or allowed. Sorry!

And a humble word from us...

...and by "us" I mean "me". :) While Magnetic is a collective effort of myself, Lisa Wu on PR and Sales, and some oversight feedback from our man Rick at Polarity, the daily management and assembly of these campaigns falls mostly on my shoulders.  Together, we strive to make everything look and work as professional as possible, as if assembled by a much larger team with the resources of a full-sized publishing staff. But we're not a full-sized company. We're still a scrappy indie. I personally built and manage our website, webstore, and each of these campaigns using the best over-the-counter tools and third-party plug-ins we can find. We try to make the best decisions to make it as easy as possible for you, our supporters, to follow us and (hopefully) spread the word so the Magnetic brand can continue to grow and we can continue to bring you more awesome and unique art books and graphic novels. 

Sometimes we misstep and try something that falls flat. This first attempt at digital distro, for example. But we want to learn and improve from your feedback. And we appreciate your providing it, even when that feedback hits like an aggressive punch to the gut... I totally understand your frustrations, but please understand that we're only capable of so much. :) Things like license restrictions, international shipping rates, etc, are totally out of our hands. We'll do whatever we can to ease those frustrations and to make you happy, and are very open to suggestions, but please just keep in mind that for the most part, those requests and efforts will come down to li'l ol' me. So if there is any delay in comment feedback or status updates, its just a matter of my own spinning plates and split focus, not a sign that your comments aren't being heard. :)

We -- "I" -- appreciate each and every one of you. And am immensely grateful for your support of our authors and titles. And hope we can count on your continued support! :)