PARIS 2119: a deadly, dystopic romance

Created by Neurobellum Productions

Black Mirror meets Blade Runner in this deluxe graphic novel by Zep and Dominique Bertail with exclusive variant cover by Peach Momoko.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

NEW STRETCH GOAL CONFIRMED: Collectible Challenge Coin!
11 months ago – Sat, Jul 04, 2020 at 05:01:56 PM

Hello, everyone! We hope you're all getting ready  or already in the midst of a nice holiday weekend!

We're looking forward to some R&R ourselves, but first we wanted to make sure everything was ready for the next cool reveal: the next stretch goal!  We had some of the details jotted down in our notes at launch, but truly didn't expect to reach our third stretch milestone so soon. So we wanted to make it extra-special which required a little more preparation... but now we can share it with you!

If (when?) we hit $20k, everyone who pledged for a physical tier (everything above the digital-only tier) will get one of these beautiful 2" metal "challenge coins" featuring Peach's cover art FOR FREE!

The factory is in the process of converting the artwork into a bas-relief "sculpture," so we'll try to share that once its ready. It's going to look NICE, though. And we will only mint as many as we need for this campaign, so they will definitely be collectible!

A few notes: these will be one-per-pledge/backer, not per-copy of the book! So those of you who pledged for extra copies of the book, or pledged at the retailer level, we are only accounting for one per instance. Having said that, however, once the campaign is finished and we know how many we need, we will likely have to round up to the nearest hundred, so we will have some extras (unless by some wild circumstance we have a perfectly even number of backers, but in that case we might throw in 100 just for coverage). We will make those extra coins available afterward as add-on purchases through Backerkit. We haven't settled on a price yet, but that might depend on the quantity and demand. We'll reveal some of our add-on strategy next week and will include these in that outline.

"Wait... wasn't it set at $16k before...?" you might be asking. Sharp eyes.

Yeah, it was, but as we mentioned, we were admittedly caught unprepared. And by the time we had the details in place, we were already past $16k. And what's the point of a stretch goal incentive if it's not looking forward? As of now, we're nearly at $18k, so at this rate, there's a good chance you'll have this gorgeous freebie secured very soon.

"So what can we do to get the project past that milestone?" you might also be asking.

Well, you can upgrade your pledge to a higher reward tier. That's one way. You could increase your pledge by $25 to add another copy of the book for a friend or loved one. Or if you're happy where you're at, you can help spread the word to bring in more backers. That's always a HUGE help. :)  Maybe tell your comic shop about the project and get them to come in at the Retailer tier. Hopefully, this added incentive will help tip some undecided folks into joining the project. That's where the real momentum comes from: more people! So share the link on your social channels, in topic-related forums, with your bookclub or gaming group... everyone is welcome! :)

"Okay, assuming we can all work together to get past $20k, what's next?" GREAT question.

We're quickly getting those details in place now, but without giving away any surprises, it will involve a dozen other amazing popular artists. We've got half of them committed right now with just some scheduling wrinkles to iron out on the rest. Hopefully we will have all of that ready to reveal if/when we cross this current milestone...

Thanks again, everyone! We're excited to have you all along on this ride!

2nd Day Down
11 months ago – Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 10:13:51 PM

Hey everyone!

We're towards the end of Day Two, and we're still kinda high from such an amazing launch you made happen yesterday. We just hit 350 backers! Can't wait to see how many more we can add. Because the more we get, the more cool stuff we can add to the experience (so tell all your friends)!

Having hit our first two stretch goals so quickly, we were admittedly caught shy of having our next goal completely figured out. We realize we hinted at it being unlocked at the $16k milestone (which we're nearly at), but we hadn't exactly nailed down the details... until now. The next goal will be really cool, and we're just waiting on the mock-up to share with you. We should have it ready to post tomorrow... hopefully before we actually hit that mark! And we're already looking ahead at locking down the next two, y'know, just in case. ;)

Did you catch the new video interview with Zep and Dominique talking about the project for you, the backing audience? We added it to the top of the campaign story this morning, but if you missed it there, here it is:

We'll have more stuff like this to share over the next couple of weeks throughout the campaign -- videos, galleries, interviews, etc. 

Stay tuned for some more cool stuff ahead!

10 more added to Original Drawing level!
11 months ago – Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 10:13:43 PM

A quick update to let everyone know that Dominique was cool enough to agree to 10 more sketches in the Original Drawing level!

These went fast, so if you are interested and missed out on the first 10, you may want to upgrade soon!

Also, we just posted a new video from Magnetic Press's publisher Mike Kennedy about the project, Magnetic, and why Kickstarter. Check it out!

12 months ago – Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 02:05:24 AM

Wow. You guys. WOW. We are BLOWN AWAY...

We had humble hopes we'd make and exceed our conservative starting goal, but didn't for a minute expect to hit 200% in the FIRST SIX HOURS. And with 23 days left to go, we don't dare jinx anything by hoping much higher! 

We hit our first stretch goal for the silver debossed logo earlier today, and we're JUST NOW hit our second stretch goal (arguably the first-coolest): the limited edition production sketchbook!

This 32-page saddle-stitched booklet will be 6x9" with linen cardstock cover featuring Peach Momoko's cover art, featuring tons of character sketches, designs, page in process, reference photos, Zep's original storyboards, etc. And the best part is it will be FREE to all backers! (Digital backers will get a PDF version.) This sketchbook will also be extremely limited to only however many copies are required to fulfill this campaign, so it will certainly become collectible as well!

We'll reveal the next stretch goal very soon! (You'll have to forgive us for any delay -- we sincerely didn't expect to get this far in the first day...)

For those of you interested in the creative thought process behind the project, ran a great interview with Zep and Dominique earlier today -- check it out!

A few of you have raised some very valid Qs already today which we will revise in the campaign story, but in brief:

  • RETAILER TIER: We should (have) point(ed) out that you must be a verifiable commercial reseller to take advantage of this discounted tier. We will ask for proof of business in the form of business listing, website, and Tax ID/EIN. This tier is intended to support the retail community during this challenging marketplace, so we hope you understand. If you don't have verifiable reseller credentials, we will adjust your reward accordingly.
  • SHIPPING: A few of you from abroad have asked about shipping estimates -- we totally understand wanting to avoid surprises! We will generate an estimated shipping matrix soon, but please beware: it will only be an estimate! By calculating shipping afterward, the intention is to charge you only what is actually required, rather than us having to pre-charge a grossly overestimated guess upfront. That said... international shipping will still be pricey. It always is, and there's not much we can do about. BUT... we are looking into some creative strategies to perhaps pre-ship a small bulk to a fulfillment partner in a popular territory who can forward rewards for a much more affordable price. While we could have (should have?) explored that sooner, if we can figure it out an affordable and efficient solution before the campaign is through, we make a big announcement to let everyone know!

So thanks again everyone, and please -- TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! We've got more exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned!