PARIS 2119: a deadly, dystopic romance

Created by Neurobellum Productions

Black Mirror meets Blade Runner in this deluxe graphic novel by Zep and Dominique Bertail with exclusive variant cover by Peach Momoko.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping and digital starts next week!
6 months ago – Sat, Nov 07, 2020 at 02:17:09 AM

Hey everyone!

Hope you're gearing up for a good weekend. We've been hard at work locking down all of the Backerkit data and coordinating with our warehouse to start fulfillment ASAP. The sketchbooks, art books, prints, etc have all arrived... we're now just waiting on one last item. And unfortunately its one that is included in every package: the signed bookplates.

Both Zep and Dom have signed them, and Dom has shipped them all back along with the original sketches. We've been following them with tracking info for days now, and it looks like they are now indeed stateside, but without an ETA for final delivery. We're checking in on them a couple times a day, so hopefully they're here very soon. With all of the last week's postal chaos, that may have slowed things down, but as soon as they are here, the warehouse will hit the ground running. We've mapped out the packing groups and segments, so it should go well once it starts.


In the meantime, we have also figured out our process for sending all of the digital rewards, which we aim to do on MONDAY. It will be a process of unique purchase codes sent to each of you which you can then redeem on our webstore for your free downloads. You will each get a different code for the 4 different digital items (PARIS 2119, the sketch book, the art book, and the soundtrack), so yes, it will be a 3-step process, but a necessary one to adhere to our licensing rights without insisting on DRM.

We're finishing up the final mastering of the soundtrack, and we're verrry happy with it. Hope you will be too! 

So stay tuned for a full walkthrough the minute the codes are sent!

Locking Backerkit addresses THIS SUNDAY!
7 months ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 04:06:54 AM

Hey everyone,

Okay, we're right around the corner from starting fulfillment...! The books are in the warehouse, the coins are here, the sketchbooks and artbooks will be delivered next week, and Dominique has shipped the signed bookplates and sketches back, which should also arrive next week. So we are 


If you have already completed your survey:

  • Please double check the address you've provided.
  • If you have moved, are moving this month, or would like your package sent to an alternate address, you have until we hit that LOCK button on Sunday to make those changes!
  • Beyond that point, once we've started shipping, we'll try to help with any last minute requests, but can't guarantee how free of complications they might be.

If you have NOT completed your survey:

  • Please do! If you haven't gotten your Backerkit link, send us a message and we'll look it up for you!
  • If you have gotten your link but just haven't done it... do! We have no way of knowing where to send your stuff otherwise! There are still about 71 of you who will be missing out on some cool stuff!

We fully anticipate having everything prepped and ready to roll out for fulfillment by Friday Nov 6 (barring unforeseen issues; we'll keep you posted, of course). The last two domestic items -- the Art Book and Sketchbook -- are looking good, and even though they took a bit more work, they'll totally be worth it...

Art Book pagination proof - sorry for the low-rez tease...! You'll have it soon!
Sketchbook pagination tease (and yes, the back cover is upside down in case you want to display Peach's cover as a "flip" version)


Once we start pushing all the different "print postage" and "fulfill order" and "report export" buttons, that will also put the digital distribution in motion. In other words: all digital rewards will be sent via email links triggered by our package fulfillment process. (That includes digital only backers... sorry, D-O-Bs, its only fair to provide them all at the same time!)

This includes the sketchbook, art book, and soundtrack, which is still being mixed, but we're excited to wrap up the masters this weekend! :D

Thanks again, everyone! We're nearly there!

Ambassador Points have been awarded to all Backers!
7 months ago – Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 07:04:29 AM

Hi everyone!

We spent a grey, chilly afternoon finally getting the kinks worked out of our Ambassador reward point assignments. It took a little clever list making and segment sorting, but you should all now see a fresh set of Ambassador Points in your Magnetic Press webstore account, equivalent to your pledge amount! And if you didn't know you had a webstore account, watch your email inbox (associated with your Kickstarter login) for an invitation to activate your newly-created account!

Ambassador Points? Webstore account? What are you talking about?

Let us explain:

The Magnetic Press webstore is full of all kinds great stuff, and by activating an account, we're able to reward you for your support: 10 Ambassador Points for every dollar spent, a big batch of Birthday points on your birthday every year, and a whole list of other simple ways to earn even more points (with more ways coming soon). 

You can then use those collected points on various rewards such as discount codes and gift cards and exclusive items and merchandise that you can only purchase using points (coming soon).

It really is a fun -- and hopefully incentivizing -- way to support an indie publisher like Magnetic!

You can access your new Reward Points by logging into using the same email address connected to your Kickstarter/Backerkit. (You can also log-in with Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and a few others, but you need to make sure that whichever method is also tied to your Kickstarter email address.)

Once on the site, you will see a little crown floating on the bottom left side of our webstore, like this:

Click on that button to open the interface:

Sign in if you haven't already.

If you are already logged in, it may immediately show you your current balance, like this:

You can see your points history and activity by clicking on the little clock icon net to your Points total.

If you have already shopped from our webstore, or already have a balance of Ambassador Points, you will see the new amount showing as "Paris 2119 Backer Reward" or something like that. 

It's really quite easy, and can add up quickly! In fact, many of you probably have enough for a reward from your pledge points already! (We see that a few of you have already cashed theirs in...)

So there you have it! We wanted to be sure you have your proper store credit in case you wanted to do any early holiday shopping! ;)

Let us know if you have any questions at all!

Original Drawing auction!
7 months ago – Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 03:29:25 AM

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all having a great week! We've been super-busy (as usual) -- the books arrived at our warehouse this week and we're starting to prep everything for fulfilment. The only thing left to receive are the Art Books and Sketch books which are printing as we speak! We are still aiming to start shipping things by the first week of November!

One new development has come up: due to unforeseen circumstances, one of the Original Backer sketches has become available. It is a beautiful, cool, original piece that Dominique  has already finished and we're going to make it available as a last-minute add-on through blind auction!

If you are a fan of Masamune Shirowe, you'll love it --

Appleseed in Paris 2119
Detail zoom

How will it work?

Bidding starts at $150. If you would like the item, please message us directly with your best offer.

We will announce the winning bidder at the end of the day on Monday (~5p CST).

We will then invoice the winner via Paypal (since the Backerkits have been locked). Once payment is confirmed, we will manually add this original piece to the winner's pledge package.  If the Paypal charge can't be settled before Friday, we'll reach out to the next runner up, and so forth down the line.

This is a rare opportunity to get an original watercolored work of art by Dominique. He will, of course, benefit from this auction, don't worry, we aren't trying to fleece him. :) He knows what's going on.

So have at it fans! Let us know if you are interested!

WAHCOMMO Kickstarter is live!
7 months ago – Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 12:08:55 AM

Hey everyone!

The WAHCOMMO Kickstarter is now live!

with campaign-exclusive variant cover by KARL KERSCHL (Isola)!

Please help us out and give it a look, pledge if you can, and share with your friends if you're so inclined! We really appreciate your help spreading the word on this amazing OGN! :) 

And stay tuned for a status update on PARIS 2119 soon!